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Below you will find answers to many of the common questions our customers have regarding our process. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to send questions to us through our Contact page, and we'll get back to you shortly!

  1. Increase efficiency
    • find documents faster
    • share documents easier
    • automate document processing with workflow
    • back up documents easier
  2. Save space
  3. Control access – granting or restricting
  4. Record access – know who saw a document, what they did with it and where it is in business process at any point in time.
  1. Normal size business documents
  2. Large format paper documents
  3. Microfilm or Microfiche Documents
  4. Bound Books
  1. Sometimes better than original
  2. Depending on needs, typically black and white image works best
  3. Color or grayscale are available for business documents to retain color or photo type details to preserve information
  4. Photographs typically scanned in color providing excellent reproduction of original photos or documents.
  1. Often we run these “pictures” through an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that brings intelligence back to the document allowing users to search for any word found in the document.
  2. Normally documents are indexed with key works to enable quick and easy retrieval.
  3. Between indexing and OCR results your documents are much easier to find, access and use than the paper originals.
  1. We always recommend storing these images on a computer that is backed up either on a removable drive that is stored in a remote location or backed up to the cloud. 
  2. Restoring files from a damaged PC can be achieved but an appropriate backup strategy is much preferred.
  3. Creating backups is much easier than creating copies of the original paper documents.
  1. No, we have scanned millions of documents in our office with no issues which should provide confidence that your documents will be handled securely.
  2. We do scan documents on-site at your facility too.  Typically there is a small up-charge due to the time and expense of moving our production scanning operation to your facility.
  1. All documents are either returned to the client or securely shredded by our 3rd party vendor who maintains the appropriate certifications of shredding for us
  2. All boxes to be shredded are tracked in our system, palletized and shrink wrapped before the vendor backs up to our dock to pickup in enclosed trailer for secure transfer to their shredding facility.
  1. Absolutely not.  We just need enough of your time to make sure we understand the data you will need to be able to find these documents in the future.
  2. If a document is needed while in our possession we put someone on the search immediately to find, scan and upload to our secure servers for easy retrieval by your staff.
  1. ROI can range from months to few years.  Gains in efficiency can result in significant labor savings from quicker retrieval and processing times for your documents.
  2. Cost savings can be found by the reduction in space requirements which allows for better utilization of your office space. 
  3. Elimination of lost, misplaced or unavailable documents can also provide significant labor savings
  1. Yes, we evaluate your needs and recommend the appropriate scanners and software to capture your documents as efficiently as possible.
  2. We use all of the tools we sell in our internal operation including Alaris (Kodak) Scanners, Digitech Software including Forms Magic for automatic classification and data extraction; PaperVision Capture, PaperVision Enterprise with Workflow, E-forms and Report management tools.
  1. The scanners are user installable but we prefer to deliver, setup and train your operators.  This gets you up and running faster, saving you time and improving your results.
  1. Scanning documents means digitizing your paper to preserve and make it easier to share.
  2. Document Management can incorporate much more than just scanned documents including files that are created digitally and never scanned.
  3. Document Management include indexing structures enabling easier retrieval, granting and restricting access to records, maintaining records of who accessed records.
  4. Additional tools such as Workflow – automating the flow of documents per pre-determined business processes.
  1. We offer two basic scenarios either of which can work for non tech-savvy staff.  Cloud based installations are already in place ready for documents to be uploaded at anytime.  All of the tools are available without the capital expediture, IT personnel and management.
  2. We work with your staff to install and configure servers and software at your facility.  Your staff can be as involved as they want and are capable of handling anything from providing account names and permission to full installation themselves.
  3. Support is available from us and our manufacturers whichever direction you choose to follow.
  1. Absolutely.  The infrastructure utilized in our Cloud solution is scaled to handle the biggest environment possible with security and redundancy that is unparalleled in our industry. 
  2. ImageSilo, our cloud based offering, has been running for over 20 years and is one of the largest Cloud solution in our industry.
  1. Yes, PaperVision Enterprise includes software to manage emails and secure a copy in our software.
  2. Yes, PaperVision Capture now comes with native document format allowing us to import the email documents to provide additional indexing and then save either the extracted copies or sending the original documents to the server.


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