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We've helped organizations across a variety of industries to transform their document management processes, and we can do the same for you. First, we'll assess the unique challenges that your organization is facing, and then implement a solution that utilizes the right combination of hardware, software, and services to deliver measurable results that gain you time, space, and security.

Our Challenge

Hundreds of thousands of Greenbar printed reports that contained the only copy of sensitive data to the manufacturing process…

Hundreds of thousands of 70mm Microfilm Sheets contained the only copy of sensitive data to the manufacturing process…

Thousands of maintenance books and folders with large format pages intermixed and the client was getting ready to move the maintenance operation to a new location and did not want to pack up and file these records but needed access to the information in case the equipment needed maintenance.

The Solution

Greenbar Reports - Utilizing our forms burster, aka technology from the 60’s, we separated the green bar sheets carefully to maintain the order and orientation of each page.  We then scanned each page using Alaris (Kodak) Scanners with settings to maximize the character recognition of each page.  We then manually indexed key fields for each record utilizing the built-in double keying technology from Digitech PaperVision Capture to extract this sensitive data.  We then used the OCR technology from Open Text and Nuance built into our PaperVision Capture software and created searchable PDF files for each of these documents. 

70mm Microfilm – These pieces of microfilm were approximately 2.5” x 4” containing original documents that ranged from 8.5” x 11” to drawings that 36” tall x 48” or longer.  Image quality of this film was inconsistent throughout the project with some looking great and others hard to read even when viewed with a microscope.  Initially we tried a 70mm xray scanner which got great results on documents that were originally 11” x 17” or smaller but due to the reduction rate used to get larger drawings onto the 70mm format the image quality was not acceptable for these larger originals.  Initially we tried using a 35mm film scanner but each piece of film had to be shot in six separate images which we stitched together to make a very good representation of the original.  However budget and time restrictions made this impractical as we had over 400,000 of these to digitize. We worked with ST Imaging and their team created a new product for us to capture these images with great accuracy.  Each image had to be manually adjusted to get the quality that the client had come to expect from Casey Associates.  We also used the double key indexing method to insure nearly 100% indexing accuracy on these projects too.

Maintenance books and files – Scanning and indexing the books using our Alaris (Kodak) scanners was the easy part of the project.  Creating placeholders for the large format drawings in the records and merging the images created from a separate platform was the more challenging part of this but using barcodes to identify each piece we were able to merge them together in the process to create one PDF per piece of equipment that contained all the data they needed.  Each of these were then processed to the OCR Engine we utilized at the time from IRIS Technologies.  After most of the work was completed, the client requested we insert a single page at the beginning of each PDF.  This caused us to find and implement a tool that was able to automatically insert the page into the first of each PDF.

  • Scanning Services for Greenbar Documents
  • Scanning Services for Microfilmed Documents (even 70mm)
  • Scanning Services for books and large format documents
  • Double Key Indexing Service for high confidence
  • Creative Problem solving skills to get projects completed

Our Impact

Completing projects on time, on budget and exceeding customer expectations is what we try and do every single day at Casey Associates.  Our client has continued to work with us and bring additional projects to the table.

  • Highest levels of image quality created due to combined effort of our Alaris Scanners and personnel.
  • Highest levels of indexing accuracy due to combined efforts of Digitech PaperVision Capture and our personnel.
  • Creating solutions when standard products due to combined efforts of our vendors including ST Images, Alaris and Digitech to customize their products to help us get the results our clients need and expect.

Our Challenge

Putting all their information in one location.  Records were available but were stored in a variety of locations and formats.  Knowing where any one particular piece of information required consulting a master list to start the search.  Information was found in:

  • CD’s in a cabinet with a variety of formats used for the case file number let alone names
  • Microfilm rolls in a separate cabinet with little or no indexing
  • Case files stored in original paper format were on shelves organized by case number
  • Database containing payment data and PDF’s showing receipt information and case numbers.
  • Excel file with marriage license information had been typed.
  • Index Books – large bound books but some had been microfilmed and data transferred to Excel files.
  • Some information was confidential and access to the public had to be restricted.
  • Full Court system provided through the state to keep all current case information.

Our The Solution

We took all of this information and organized it to one central repository, Digitech’s PaperVision Enterprise.  Now all this information is available from one screen.  Guest access for the public was setup on a terminal at the front counter where the citizens could search and find the information quickly with little interruption to the staff at the Court.  Utilizing the built in document security, any confidential record would not show up in the search results for the public, but was immediatlely availabe to the staff of the Court.

  • PaperVision Enterprise installation and implementation.
  • Scanning Paper Services.
  • Film Scanning Services.
  • Data conversion services.
  • Book Scanning and Microfilming.

Our Impact

ECM Efficiency, Control and Money  - We improved Efficiency by speeding up the retrieval time it took to find a record and reproduce it.  Control of the documents was better than ever:  access was restricted to confidential records but available otherwise through quick searches. (Original records were moved to a lower cost, higher quality storage facility to preserve.)  Money was saved by granting public access which limited time and efforts from the district court.

  • No need to look in multiple locations for Records – it is all in one location!
  • Global Searches made it easy to find records looking in all Civil, Probate, Juvenile, Criminal and even Wedding Records.
  • Digital records gave the ability to save documents to thumb drive or to email saving printing costs and hassles.
  • Microfilm is now stored in an underground vault where it should last centuries but the records are now available digitally for easy access and sharing.


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